How to Quickly and Dramatically Increase Your Voice Over Income Using Pay to Play Sites

Learn the Inside Secrets to Maximizing Your Income Through the Use of Pay to Play Sites

Dear Fellow Voice Over Talent,

Do YOU want to get more jobs as a voice talent?


Are you making money with voice over “pay to play” sites?  If not, you can be . . . and very soon!

I’ve been using voice over “pay to play “ (ie.,,, etc.) since I launched my voice over business about 10 years ago.  Many of the clients I have today, I got way back in the early days of my budding career.  Translated, that means . . . I’ve made a LOT of money through pay to play sites!

What I’ve learned (and this is very important) is that it takes more than just talent to compete on the pay to play sites.  Don’t get me wrong, you need to learn to audition effectively but if that’s your only strategy, you will get lost among the thousands of other talent that subscribe to the same sites.

To win in any game, you have to know the rules . . . and winning strategies!  Once you understand how the game is played and how to leverage the rules to your advantage . . . everything changes.

A third of my work (and that’s a conservative estimate) is coming from pay to play.

If you’re ready to take full advantage of what these powerful resources have to offer, then get access to the recordings of these webinars right now.


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Some of the topics covered are:

  • Setting up your profile for maximum impact and exposure
  • What demos to use
  • Understanding “cattle call” vs. “private” auditions
  • The 3 ways to get business from a pay to play site
  • How to write proposals
  • How to determine your quotes
  • Deciding your membership level
  • Why quality AND speed are important
  • How to determine what the client wants in your audition

In addition to the content I covered, you'll hear my answers to questions asked by those who attended the webinar.  This program will be your formal education to take your career to the next level.

Fred Gleeck, my business partner, fielded the questions during the webinar.

Fred "grilled" me with every possible question you can imagine.

If you’re looking to make more money in your VO career, this pre-recorded webinar series is a must!

Having access to this material will put you miles ahead in your quest to master the pay to play “game”.

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Who Should Get This Program?

Anyone who wants to make MORE money as a voice over talent. Just starting? This is for you! Already up and running and not maximizing your revenue from pay to play sites? This webinar series is definitely for you!

Who Should NOT Buy this Program?

If you’re not interested in making money from pay to play sites, this webinar series is not for you. Take a pass. If you think you have maximized the money you can make in this area, then no need to sign up.

What Will This Cost?

The fee to gain access to this material is just $297. If you follow the roadmap in these recordings, you’ll make that back pronto!

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pay for access to watch the first session. If for ANY reason you’re not satifsied, we’ll give you a quick, immediate and complete refund of your payment.

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Wishing you great voice over success!


PS - Pay per play sites are a critical element to your marketing success as a voice over talent. Learn these vital tips and techniques to succeed in this area and catapult your income!

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Bonus: In addition to the pre-recorded webinar series, you’ll also get access to one or more interviews with knowledgeable experts from one or more of the pay to play sites.

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